Zombieland (2009, U.S.)

zombielandZombieland is one of the best Zombie movies I’ve seen. Chock full of fun, sadness, comedy, and good old fashioned Zombie gore, it is a well rounded movie that pits four survivors against themselves, each other, and, of course, the Zombie masses.

Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenburg, meets up with Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, on a journey to the East Cost, in the hopes of finding something, anything, other than “Zombieland” and the world of Zombies is called. Along the way they encounter Wichita and Little Rock, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin respectively. Together they fight their inner demons and learn that in Zombieland, rule #32 is “Enjoy the Small Things in Life.”

Columbus’s rules to survive Zombieland (at least those that were mentioned) are as follows:

  • Rule#1 Cardio
  • Rule#2 Beware of Bathrooms
  • Rule#3 Wear Seat-Belts
  • Rule#4 Double-Tap
  • Rule#7 Travel Lightly
  • Rule#17 Don’t Be a Hero
  • Rule#18 Limber Up
  • Rule#22 When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out
  • Rule#31 Check the Back Seat
  • Rule#32 Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Well acted and entertaining, this is a must see movie for the Zombie enthusiast.

Zombieland (2009, U.S.), reviewed by Don of the Dead on 2009-11-15T18:01:40+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5
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Frightful Discussion

  1. Zombie movie amateur says:

    Oh yeah, this movie was like a light dessert after a 3 course meal. Awesome stuff!

  2. Jack Stapleton says:

    This really is a great movie. I have even played a game dedicated to this film (http://gamelicker.com/arcade-game-zombie-land-205), which was meant to promote the movie and has also become very popular. Many people have mixed feelings about zombies. On one hand they like them very much, while on the other hand they fear them.

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