The CW’s ‘Awakening’ Cast and Plot News

Zombie TV is growing like, well, like a Zombie infestation. After the success of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ came the announcement of The CW’s effort with the Zombie genre: ‘Awakening’.

Now comes the news that two cast members have been announced:


Brian Hallisay, of the horror movie Hostel: Part III, and a number of TV appearances.


Titus Welliver, of the hit shows ‘Lost’ and ‘Deadwood’ will also be joining the cast. He will purportedly play “a mysterious figure with piercing eyes and a dark overcoat who is hunting the zombies behind the first wave of the awakening.”


The show, which will follow two sisters (Meredith Hagner and Lucy Griffiths) who face growing up in the midst of the beginning of a Zombie outbreak.

According to rumor, ‘Awakening’ takes a very different view of how Zombies behave and interact. In this TV series, the ‘Zombies’ live ‘normal lives’, and interact with the living basically like anyone else. They are known as ‘pre-dead’. Eventually, trouble starts, and there is a war between the living and ‘pre-dead’.

Now, there are fears that this show could be the ‘feel good’ zombie series we have all been dreading. Sexy zombies, intellectual Zombies, etc. Tell The CW what you want, or don’t want, to see in the show in the comment section below!

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Frightful Discussion

  1. Katty Kaye says:

    I’m a zombie genre newbie. I don’t care what you do with the show… if I don’t like it I simply won’t watch. :) Personally though, I like zombies to be dead, slow moving (ie not super abilities), dumb, hungry and bizarre. I tink half the horror of ‘zombies’ IS the down fall of human civilization, the panic, the rawness of survival (both long and short term).

  2. Why does society insist of softening all the greatest things about horror. First they take a vampire, remove his fangs, make him sparkly and immune to sunlight, and make him a romantic heart throb for teenage girls worldwide. Now, they’re trying to take the zombie elements out of the zombie. Ugh. It sickens me.

    Dear “normal” society,

    You have your stupid soap operas, television dramas and dirty pop star sluts. Can you please leave the horror for us less than normal people? Thank you.

  3. hmmm, tell the cw what i want and don’t want to see…, ok.

    what i do want to see is this not to even air

    what i don’t want is the cw to even try cause they will fail

    ps is it just me or is cw just like the daytime soup opera channels except crappier?

  4. Please don’t neuter zombies like you did with vampires. Please?

  5. From what I have read “Awakening” is already “Pre-Dead”. We will have to wait and see.

  6. ‘American Zombie’ of recent history followed the same kind of idea. As a bit of a Zombie freak myself, i thought that movie sucked. It took to long to get into and basically lost my attention early on. I gave it an hour and the movie still didn’t “bite” me. I have a feeling this will the do the same, it will bite, but not in the way all us die hards want.

  7. So, Zombies behaving like normal people = zombies with feelings = zombies who can have their feelings hurt = a world where people hurt zombies feelings…? Well, I still feel we need more “entry level” zombie stuff out there to get kids comfortably acquainted with the Zombie menace, then they can get into the good stuff…

  8. Dear CW-
    Zombies are Terrifying.
    Keep them that way.


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