Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988, U.S.)

Brain feasting, comedic undead one liners, and enough zombie action to make even Dick Cheney think twice about grabbing his shot gun. No, this isn’t party night at the old folk’s home; this is Return of the Living Dead 2. The first movie has always been close to my nonfunctioning heart and this one continues the brain eating tradition of fun loving zombies with a craving for cranium.

While transporting the remaining barrels of left over Trioxin (the agent responsible for reanimating the dead) to a more secure location, a speed bump and a little too much weed result in the loss of one of the barrels. Come the next day, a group of kids, playing in the local graveyard of all places, finds the missing barrel and accidentally releases the contained gas within, as well as the occupant trapped inside. In only a short amount of time the gas is leaking through out the graveyard and bringing the starving ghouls back to life. Enter poor Ed and Joey (James Karen and Thom Mathews from the first film), who happen to be robbing the crypt as the dead begin to rise. The seeping gas not only reanimates the dead, but slowly turns those still living into zombies. Now, the two soon to be ghouls, along with a small group of suburbanites, must try and get out of town or else become zombie chow.

This film has always been one of my favorites in the series. Not only does it have some amazing makeup and great gore, but the humor is ever present without ever going over the top. The cast is phenomenal for the role, and while they may not be top acting talents, they do their job well in Return of the Living Dead 2. The zombie action is fast paced along with the story, and they don’t bother trying to throw in too many touching moments delving into the individual’s characters and their loves. They instead choose to go the route of all out zombie mayhem, and the film comes off that much better for it.

If you’re a zombie fan then this is one film you can’t afford to miss.

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Frightful Discussion

  1. Sockboy says:

    The scene of the zombie coming out of the drain pipe about scared the crap out of me. But I think this could have been better without the kid in the movie, made me think too much of “Raiders of the Living Dead”.

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