REC (2007, Spain)

I thought REC was a good Zombie movie. Filmed from the point of view of a TV news cameraman, Pablo, who follows around Angela, the news reporter, as she documents the night-shift life of firemen at the local metropolitan fire department in Spain. A crew is called out for a routine emergency at an apartment building in order to deal with what seems like a seriously ill woman locked in her apartment. After they get there, they are joined by some police officers, and it soon becomes clear that things are much worse than they anticipated when one of the them is attacked by the old woman.

The whole gang, and the residents within, are locked inside by other police and the military, and told that there is a highly dangerous, contagious, virus in the building, infecting people through saliva. All the while, this is documented by the ever recording camera man, and as things go from bad to undead, we see it all firsthand.

Normally I try to watch originals before watching remakes, but this time I watched Quarantine first, and I can saw that REC was much better. The look and feel of the flick was very believable, meaning it really had the feel of people naturally doing their thing – it din’t appear scripted at all. I think the filmmakers did a good job.

This Blair Witch Project meets the Undead Zombies of Spain flick is a great ride and very suspenseful, and better than the instant U.S. remake Quarantine.

I have pondered the lesson to be learned from the film, as I do from time to time – lessons that can better prepare me for the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Here I have learned several. First: If you discover that you are trapped in a building with no way of escape and there are Infected Zombies inside, you’re screwed. Second: Use the camera as an opportunity to record your last will and testament. That may save your heirs the headache of probate. Although there is the added difficulty that in the event that you escape, they may not consider you dead and therefor you will still be a property owning Zombie. More on that at another time.

So, good flick. Plausible and believable acting. Good, original story.

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  1. Here are a couple of scary, well acted, Hitchcokian/Walking Dead style zombie movies I saw recently that are edge-of-the-seat spooky!

    2013 The Dead Inside-starring Luke Hobson, Nicky Paul Barton
    2010 The Killing Strain-starring Tom Lagleder, Venda D’Abato
    2010 The Dead-starring-Rob Freeman, Prince David Osela, Ben Crowe-Directed by Howard and Jonathan Ford
    2013-The Dead 2: India-starringJoseph Millson, Meenu Mishra, Niharika Singh
    2012-Cokneys vs Zombies-starringRasmus Hardiker, Michelle Ryan, Harry Treadaway

  2. ok first off if u have not seen rec 2-3 then u will not understand that this is not a zombie based series at all the usa remake is which is called quarantine, it is about a demon girl that came back from hell so she can take over mutiple bodies and everytime someone died or got bit they would become a controlled body of her so it is one of the best horror? gore films i have ever seen and even though it is not on english it is still really amazing so get out there watch all 3 cause it is definatly worth ur time

  3. phoenix6669 says:

    this is a pretty good movie…if u can’t find the english version of this movie u should check out QUARANTINE…it’s pretty much a direct remake of REC made for the american market.

    • I must protest! REC is superior to Quarantine. It was a scary movie made better by Spanish speaking people, so it was more like you were watching the events unfold as zombies take over another country. It is great to see a Blair Witch style zombie movie…it was enjoyable all the way thru and good to see this made it into the top 10 !

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