Phantasm (1979, U.S.)

OK, OK. Someone’s going to say “Phantasm isn’t a Zombie movie!” But it is! And I can convince you before you can say “interplanetary midgetized Zombie slaves in cloaks!”

So, in Phantasm, the creepy “Tall Man” runs Morningside Cenetary and Funeral Home, and on the side he reincarnates the dead in his “fortress” (the Funeral Home) and uses them as slave labor. The dead not only labor for him, but are used as his henchmen in furthering his aims.

Now, if you’ve seen the “original” Zombie movie White Zombie, you know that the bad guy reincarnates the dead in his “fortress” (the Castle thing, or at least nearby) and uses them as slave labor. The dead not only labor for him, but are used as his henchmen in furthering his aims.

In the film, young Mike, who covertly follows his older brother Jody around everywhere, including to a funeral, witnesses something very strange after everyone else leaves when the “Tall Man” single handedly lifts the 500 pound coffin and puts it in the back of the hearse. Soon he is convinced that “something strange is afoot” at the Morningside Funeral home. He convinces his older brother and soon they break into the home, and witness some very bizarre activities, including a flying metal “dead ball” thingy (which was pretty cool and creative.) Eventually, they convince Jody’s friend Reggie the ice cream man to help them figure out what up.

I think this movie rocked. It was a very original and good story, and chock full of suspense and creepy stuff. The acting was fine, and for a low budget film, I think it’s a must see Zombie movie for the Zombie enthusiast.

Now what did I learn for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse? (1) Drive an awesome car (was it a charger?), (2) be careful of who you pick up at the local bar, and (3) everybody needs to have a local fortune telling old lady with a magic box.

Phantasm (1979, U.S.), reviewed by Don of the Dead on 2010-01-04T23:10:38+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5
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Frightful Discussion

  1. Not a Zombie movie…

  2. I agree about the fortune teller. I would also say that the town crazy person who goes out of his way to scream “Don’t go in dem woods!!” at random campers should always be commended as well…

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