Omega Man, The (1971, U.S.)


I liked this movie more for the acting (Charlton Heston) and the novely of the story than for the Zombie action. Charlton Heston stars in this 1971 undead movie based on Richard Matheson’s book I Am Legend.  Heston’s characher, Robert Neville, fights the evil undead while he battles to maintain his sanity after being the only survivor of a ghastly germ warfare attack that has turned humanity (or most of it) into the undead.

I wouldn’t consider this a normal Zombie movie. If not for it’s pedigree, being based on the book I Am Legend, which is commonly credited with being the inspiration for many of the “dark undead apocalypse” movies such as George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, I would never list it as a Zombie movie. The “evil dead” in this movie talk, plan, organize, wear robes, have a leader, try to reason with Neville, and are on a mission to “cleans the world” of the living “users of the wheel”. They literally build siege weapons. They come across as more of an angry lower class in revolt, who just happen to be unable to see during the day.

Anyway, while roving around New York by day, and hiding from the evil ones in his fortress home by night, Neville, a biologist/scientist, works to reproduce the vaccine that only he has taken, the vaccine that can prevent infection.

Heston does his acting well as the lonely scientist. It’s a good movie for it’s time. If you’re a Romero style Zombie fan, though, it really doesn’t have much to offer.

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  1. This isn’t a Zombie Movie, it is about simple infected people, who are vampire like. You can’t cure a Zombie

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