Night of the Living Dead (1990, U.S.)

notld90“Night of the Living Dead” is the 1990 remake of George Romero’s 1968 classic of the same name. With more money and better technology, the film follows the same storyline as the original, with some minor changes, and this time starring Patricia Tallman as Barbara, and Tony Todd as the strong and heroic Ben.

Once Ben arrives at the farmhouse and barricades himself and Barbara in from the living dead, Barbara is right next to him, rifle in hand. Soon accompanied by Harry Cooper (professional jerk), his wife, their kid, and Tom and Judy, the young couple, the group defends themselves through the night from the undead.

Obviously, as in the original, things get chaotic, but this time around the suspense is tuned up a notch. Chock full of 80s sounding horror music, the NOTLD is a must see for the Zombie enthusiast.

In my quest to learn lessons for the upcoming Zombie invasion, I have discovered many things in this movie. Always keep lots of nails and a hammer in the home (I would suggest also having screws and a screwdriver as the hold can be stronger), don’t trust people from the cellar, and always, ALWAYS, keep the keys to your gas pump where they can easily be found. But the most important lesson is: always keep a crowd of local rednecks nearby.

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Frightful Discussion

  1. It’s great to see NotLD get some love. It’s a well made, tension & engaging zombie film. It’s often over looked but it’s the movie that started my love of the horror sub-genre.

    There are so many crappy ridiculous zombie flicks that this movie still stands out as a high quality production that takes zombies seriously. Before Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later & the DotD remake raised up the dying genre the NotLD remake stood up to show how good these movies can be. I wish someone would make a GOOD Day of the Dead remake…

  2. I enjoyed this version much more than the original, mostly because I did not want to smack Barbara in the head for most of the movie. They took that poor girl and turned her into the only rational thinking person in a movie adrift with irrational people…bravo! A nice change!

    I would like to see a movie about what happens to someone like Barbara after that bonfire…how did she get along with the rednecks? I can see her running off with some “normal” people and hiding out in a mall…that would be plausible. :)

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