Night of the Living Dead (1968, U.S.)


To say this movie is a classic is an understatement.  Chaos descends upon the world, in George A. Romero’s pivotal first movie, as the brains of the recently deceased become reanimated, causing the dead to rise and feed on human flesh. Speculation rests on a radiation-covered NASA satellite returning from Venus, but it only remains a speculation.  The only way to destroy the zombies is to destroy the brain.

As the catastrophe unfolds, a young woman visiting her father’s grave takes refuge in a nearby farmhouse, where she is met by a man who protects her and barricades them inside. They both later discover people hiding in the basement, and they each attempt to cope with the situation. Their only hope rests on getting some gasoline from a nearby pump into a truck that is running on empty, but this requires braving the hordes of ravenous walking corpses outside. When they finally put their plans into action, panic and personal tensions only add to the terror as they try to survive.

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Frightful Discussion

  1. The movie that made zombies famous. A pure work of art. If you’re planning on watching this for the first time, make sure you get the original movie, and not the color versions or anniversary edition. Those will spoil the first time viewing of such an amazing movie.

    • Yes. Night of The Living Dead and Return of The Living Dead movies are what got me into zombies when I was 14! Now I am 21 and I have a deep hunger for zombie flicks that cannot be satisfied. Thankfully zombie genre is on the rise and even Brad Pitt is making a zombie flick about my favorite book World War Z!

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