New Zombie TV Shows and a Rob Zombie Movie!

The Undead keep creeping onto our TV screens and even the big screen! We at ZZN are proud to bring you the latest information on anything Zombie big screen and small!

First up: “Lords of Salem” by Rob Zombie!

In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Rob Zombie opened up about some details of his new movie due out in 2012.

The film is about a three hundred year old coven of witches that returns from the grave to pay a visit to Salem, Mass.

The producers of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies apparently approached Mr. Zombie about working together on the film. In the article mentioned above Zombie says :

“I didn’t even have an idea at the time, they were like, ‘If you want to make a movie, if you have an idea we will give you complete control over casting, the script, the final cut of the picture – everything. You never heard that. Nobody hears that. Everything’s a battle, but these guys were like, ‘That’ll be our deal with you.’ And I was like, ‘Great!’”

The Salem Witch Trials were a big part of Rob Zombie’s childhood. He said he grew up in the Salem area and as a child, took field trips to the museums and saw reenactments of the trials, and it stuck with him. In 2006 he wrote a song about it, and admitted that it was kind of the inspiration for the idea of the film.

In an interesting twist, Zombie will be doing the score for the film and says music will be a big part of it.

“I’ve been thinking about the music in this movie early, early on, we’ll probably do the score this time out… not rock music, but a score. I know I want music to play a large role.” – Rob Zombie

Obviously, its about time Rob tackled subject matter of the same name he carries. Horror fans seem to either love or hate his work, but as always, the film promises to be unique if nothing else!

Zombie has started working on the script and plans to start shooting by the end of this year or early next with a release date in late 2012.

As for Television, details are limited but the popular blog “Zombies and Toys” revealed that Zombies will explode on at least three new shows!

  1. A show called “Awakening” is destined for the CW network and is going to follow two sisters as they battle the beginning of the Zombpocalypse (Charmed anyone?).
  2. Sony Pictures Television will produce a show based on Jonathan Maberry’s novel Patient Zero, titled “Department Zero”. The show will most likely follow the Department of Military Sciences and their reaction and investigation of several Zombie outbreaks.
  3. Hold on to your hats: NBC has picked up a show called “Zombies Vs Vampires”. The plot revolves around two cops who investigate Zombie crimes. The kicker is that one of the cops is actually a closet Vampire. Not that We at ZZN blame him… we’d hide a shameful fact like that too.

As always, stay tuned to ZZN for all your Zombie News needs!


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  1. who cares about a new rob zombie movie)so long as it has zombies in it) bring on more zombie tv shows. So glad to see a Zombie series trend starting. I’ll stay in front of the tv all the time now. WOOOOHOOOOOO!

  2. lou da foo says:

    looks epic CANT WAIT!!!!

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