Devil’s Playground (2010, U.K.)

Another Bona fide zombie cracker from the Brits.

British film, like European film in general, has a knack for capturing grit, perhaps because they are all slightly damp and pasty. Think, The Bill, with an MA rating and zombies.

The innards hit the fan after human drug trials, consisting of 30,000 test subjects, goes terribly awry. Who said animal testing was wrong? The drug promised strength, speed and stamina, and that is exactly what these zombies have, in abundance. Symptoms include, but not limited to, memory loss, varicose veins, cravings for unconventional food, loss of sensation, disregard for personal safety and increased ability in the popular UK past time; Parkour.

This is no cheap knockoff of 28 Days Later; we have some real talent in this film. MyAnna Buring, who makes wide set eyes look hot, Jaime Murray who I recognized from the second season of Dexter, plays the complete sociopath so well and takes her medicine with a stiff upper lip. The male leads really shine in this movie also, Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass and Sean Pertwee, all British Hard Man, all command your attention on the screen, and you don’t dare look away lest you cop a football riot style head butt, that’s how tough these guys are.

Writer and director Bart Ruspoli, Mark McQueen respectively aren’t new to the industry, but seem quite new to their roles in feature film. Mark being best known for directing hit TV show 5th Gear, and Bart is primarily an actor. The film benefits from their freshness. They utilize the actors talents, they keep the movie moving at a pace that creates tension, and with a relatively small budget of 2.2 million, have come up with something quite large, with a solid sense of nationwide chaos. So Kudos and snaps for them.

The film may have its flaws, but its current low score on IMDB is, I think, undeserved. I didn’t roll my eyes once, and when half way through the movie I was interrupted, I was annoyed and eager to get back to it. That says something; partly that I am easily annoyed, but mostly that I was entertained.

I say thumbs up to the Brits for another biter-flick well worth the watch.

Frightful Discussion

  1. The most action packed Z movie since dawn of the dead. And its not corny in the slightest. Loved every second of it and i consider myself picky with Z movies. Cheers for putting me on to this.

  2. Devil’s Playground is the worsest film i’ve ever seen

    • Weeeoaaar weeoaar… oops, it’s the hyperbole police.

      Majo, you must not have seen many movie’s.

      Or your a fan of High School Musical.

  3. Lionel Cosgrove says:

    Yep thumbs up to this flick i enjoyed it

  4. Devi’s Playground!! OH HELL YES!! Oooppss am I allowed to say that?! Anyway, awesome, can’t wait to see it!


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