DellaMorte DellAmore (1994, Italy)

dellamorte-dellamoreNow this is a good Italian Zombie movie. Well worth watching.

Rupert Everett is Franchesco Dellamorte, the “engineer” of the Buffalora cemetery, in a little town in the north of Italy, and along with his assistant, Gnaghi, they have a mundane existence of caring for the cemetery during the day, and re-killing the dead at night. They have learned that after being dead for seven days, and only in their cemetery, the dead come back to life. “Life goes on.”

The story was engaging and kept my attention throughout, unlike many Zombie movies of lesser quality. The cemetaery.previewantics of Gnagji, who has a habit of projectile vomiting on women he likes, was hilarious. And then there is Dellamorte, who must face a world where death and love (Morte and Amore) are in excruciating balance.

Eventually, the mundane life is thrown out of balance after Dellamorte meets the love of his life, and soon after, he is kept very busy after a town tragedy produces many deaths, filling the cemetery to the brink with soon to be Zombies.

The acting was right on, and the story and everything else lined up. This movie was never intended to be a “horror” movie, so don’t expect any shock value. But the humor and plot were very engaging.

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DellaMorte DellAmore (1994, Italy), reviewed by Don of the Dead on 2009-10-26T20:53:40+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5
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  1. Zombie movie amateur says:

    Oh yeah, that was one of my all time favourite. On the verge of a somwhat psychological movie, it was just great.

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