Deadgirl (2008, U.S.)

deadgirlWow! Deadgirl was a great movie. Two high school buddies, Ricky and J.T., skip school and decide to get drunk. They go to an abandoned, isolated, asylum, there deep in the bowls of the vast, dark, building they discover a girl covered with a body bag, tied down on a table. She looks, and feels, dead, but she moves – slowly. Ricky bails when J.T. decides this might be a good opportunity to “get some.” Soon the boys bring another kid, Wheeler, into their dark secret world.

Ricky, who is in love with his classmate, JoAnn, faces a desperate moral choice. After letting JoAnn know his feelings, thing get out of hand. Meanwhile, J.T. slowly looses his grip on reality and the real world outside, as he essentially lives with the deadgirl, storing food and setting up furniture and lighting.

The story and acting in this movie rocked. The suspense was refreshing after many of the standard boilerplate Zombie apocalypse type movies. Here, it’s a few kids with a tied up dead girl, and a choice between what’s right and their hormones. Is this how the oncoming Zombie invasion will start? I would say that this movie relied on a good horror story and good acting.

From beginning to end the movie kept me glued to the screen.

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Deadgirl (2008, U.S.), reviewed by Don of the Dead on 2009-10-18T22:49:52+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5
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Frightful Discussion

  1. Zombchard says:

    I would say this movie gave me nightmares except for the fact I decided to watch it before to sleep and now…well…I CAN’T SLEEP. O_O

    The beginning is a little slow so if you want, fast forward a third or halfway in to it. Ricky has a crush on a girl at school whose boyfriend is a jerky jock and Ricky and his best friend JT found a tied up, undead, naked zombie girl in an abandoned mental hospital. There, you’re all spun up.

  2. To bof or not to bof a corpse is a ‘desperate moral choice’??? Really? Deadgirl was a stupid rape fantasy set in the zombie genrea, nothing more.

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