Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Brad Hodson

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Brad C. Hodson is best known as the head writer for the sketch comedy group: Happy Nowhere.  He's also written comedy for morning radio shows across the country.  His short fiction has attained a cult following and won numerous awards.  His first novel, Darling was recently completed, and is coming soon.  We are delighted that he was able to tell us about his new zombie movie, George's Intervention.  He is the writer and producer of this satirical homage to—among other things, the king of the living dead.  The cast includes Lynn Lowery and Peter Stickles, and features … [Read more...]

Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Judith O’Dea

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Fans of Zombie Zone News are probably aware of my deep affection for Night of the Living Dead. It's the cornerstone of all things cannibalistic zombie—and EVERY zombie fan is obligated to sit down and watch it in its entirety. For serious. Don't make me hunt you down. For your watching convenience, I've attached a link to the film that you may view legally (and repeatedly). Caution **this interview contains spoilers of Night of the Living Dead** I was over-the-moon happy that Judith O'Dea was kind enough to answer a few Q's for us. Ms. O'Dea portrays Barbra … [Read more...]

Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Tom Berdinski

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Is it possible to love low-budget horror TOO much? Maybe. In the case of Michigan director Tom Berdinski though, his passion is our gain. The Italian Zombie Movie pts 1 and 2 is a truly staggering achievement. Sharp and funny, like Troma films meets Backyard Wrestling. It looks cheap because it was made with a budget of zero dollars and zero cents. When you watch, it's not difficult to figure out where all that money went. Ha! Copies of The Italian Zombie Movie are getting scarce. If you are lucky enough find see an available one, by all means, snag it! Tom … [Read more...]

Revolt of the Zombies – Full Movie


An international expedition is sent into Cambodia to destroy an ancient formula that turns men into zombies. … [Read more...]

Zombie Wars – Full Movie


Fifty years after a world-wide zombie epidemic had begun, a small group of rebel soldiers learn that intelligent zombies have begun breeding humans for food. The soldiers plan an all-out war to rid the Earth of the flesh-eating monsters for good, as the rest of the surviving world's population struggles to survive against the zombie hordes. … [Read more...]

Swamp Zombies – Full Movie


Synopsis: A chief physician at a large metropolitan hospital is formulating a serum to resurrect recently deceased patients. When his facility comes under inspection from the federal government, the doctor is forced to dispose of the patients as quick as possible even though they are in mid-experiment and he doesn't know if his serum even will work. With the help of the evil hospital operations manager, he manages to ditch the experiments in the neighboring swamplands. Little do they know, their serum works, the experiments rise to life and wreck havoc on a group of … [Read more...]

Awaken the Dead – Full Movie


A priest with a troubled past and an assassin's daughter find themselves trapped in a house surrounded by the undead. Battling each other, as well the walking dead, the secret pieces of their lives bring them together in a web of conspiracy and death. Their only hope for survival lies in facing their greatest fears and their darkest secrets. … [Read more...]

White Zombie (1932) – Full Movie


The original Zombie movie! This must see flick for the Zombie enthusiast can be watched here free online. … [Read more...]

Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Full Movie


The film that made Zombies a household word! Well, possibly. Watch and enjoy. … [Read more...]