AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Rerun Dates Set

AMC has announced that ‘The Walking Dead’ will be rerun as follows:

Your first chance to relive the zombie terror begins on January 18th and 19th as AMC replays all six episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ season one. Beginning on Tuesday January 18, at 8/7c AMC will show Episode 1; Days Gone By, 9:30 /8:30c.

Episode 2; Guts, and 10:30 /9:30c Episode 3; Tell it to the Frogs. The first three episodes will be repeated starting at 11:30 / 10:30c.

Episodes 4 through 6 will be shown starting on January 19 starting with Episode 4; Vatos at 8/7c. Episode 5; Wildfire at 9/8 and Episode 6; TS-19 plays at 10/9c. The three final episodes will be repeated starting at 11/10c.

‘The Walking Dead’ can also be found on iTunes, Amazon, Cinema Now, box and Play Station.

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Frightful Discussion

  1. Dakota Gomez says:

    when does the new season start?


  1. [...] and Wednesday 18th and 19th. Also not definite rumors about season 2 possibly starting in July. AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Rerun Dates Set | TV | Zombie Zone News __________________ Walk through the fire Fly through the [...]

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